What cuts can I expect in my whole, half, quarter or eighth beef?

Cuts will vary based on which beef you choose, but every package will include basic cuts like rump roasts, hamburger meat and steaks and stew meat. Below you will find a estimated break down of what will be included in each beef. Please keep in mind these are estimations, each animal is different, but you will never be charged more than your initial quote. 

What are all of these Cuts?

Check out our breakdown below!


    Just as it's named, the brisket comes from the brisket of an animal, a tender cut that is best slow cooked either as a roast or on a pit.


    Comes from the chuck of the animal, one of the most popular roasts, is great in a crockpot.


    One of the most underrated roasts from the chuck section. Cook this bad boy low and slow for 8+ hours and you can't mess it up.


    The most tender section of the round makes a phenomenal roast that will make you the host with the most!


    One of our most popular cuts from the rib section, these thick heavily marbled steaks are hard to beat and so tender to eat.


    Hailing from the short loin, not New York, this steak does anything but come up short.


    Comes from the tenderloin muscle, specifically the front-mid portions and the most tender. Pan seared or grilled they are hard to beat!


    This oversized steak from the sirloin section will make you do a double take.


    Tenderized cutlets that come from the round of the calf, we love them as Minute Steaks, but they can do so much more! Stir fry, tacos, grilled with salad, philly cheese steak, hamburger steak, you name it! These come 4 cutlets/pack.


    From the short plate and flank, fajitas from grain finished animals just hit different! These aren't your typical dried fajita strips. Juicy, tender and one of our most sought-after cuts.


    Boneless rib meat, that makes a crazy tasty treat. Full of flavor and great in a crock pot or smoked on a pit.


    You know the drill, the most versatile beef product, 82% lean that will make you the ground beef king/queen.


Will I have enough freezer space?

A Whole Beef Share will need around 18-20 cubic ft of freezer space. We recommend having an upright freezer so you can see and choose which delicious cut to cook for supper!

A Half Beef Share will need around 8-10 cubic ft of freezer space. We recommend having an upright freezer so you can see and choose which delicious cut to cook for supper!

A Quarter Beef Share will need around 5-7 cubic ft of freezer space. We recommend having an upright freezer so you can see and choose which delicious cut to cook for supper!

An Eighth Beef Share will need around 3-5 cubic ft of freezer space. This will fit in your freezer that is in your fridge.


How will I receive the meat?

Once you reserve your Beef Share, we will email you and keep you updated on when your Beef Share will be shipping out. Depending on your order, a Whole Beef Share will be 9 boxes, Half Beef Share will be 5
boxes, Quarter Beef Share will be 3 boxes, and an Eighth Beef Share will be 1 box. In each box there will be liners with dry ice to keep your fresh beef frozen in vacuum sealed bags. 


How will I know when the beef is delivered?

When we email you about your order, Fedex will also email you with updates on where your Beef Share is located. It will also send you an email when they have delivered it. We take the guessing game out of delivery. We want to know where the meat is and when it sets foot at your doorstep! 

What does locally sourced mean?

Locally sourced, means we purchased the calves knowing where they actually came from.

What is grass fed/grain finished?

Grass fed, grain finished cattle spend on average 18 months on grass followed by 6 months on grain.

What is marbling?

Marbling is the more fat in between muscles=tender, more flavor.

What if I don't like the Beef Shares?

No questions asked, we will give you 100% of your money back. Guaranteed!

How long does beef last in the refrigerator or freezer?

Foodsafety.govrecommends 3 to 5 days in a refrigerator set to 40 degrees or below and 4 to 12 months in a freezer set to 0 degrees or below.#

What is the difference between rail weight vs. packaged weight?

Rail weight

So, if a cow weighs 1000 lbs live weight its rail weight will be 600 lbs. A half share would be 300 lbs, a quarter would be 150 lbs and an eighth would be 75 lbs (approximately). The rail weight is the most consistent wayis a weight the butcher gives us after the animal has been killed, blood drained, head, hide, feet, entrails & organs removed. The rail weight is usually about 60% of the live weight. to measure the carcass before getting into customizing the cuts.

Packaged Weight

or sometimes referred to as Final Weight or Take HomeWeight is how much you, the customer, take home after it has been packaged. This is usually 60-65% of the hanging weight. The loss comes from 2 places: `water loss and bone loss. Water loss occurs during the dry aging process where the beef is allowed to hang for 10-14 days to tenderize. The second place you might lose weight is from cutting the meat off the bones.So,the more boneless cuts the customer requests the less the packaged weight will be. It’s important to point out that lower weight doesn’t mean you are receiving less meat, but rather than you are receiving fewer bones.